Mr Pink dons his pink hat as it was a little chilly at Worthing and reports from between the sticks:


Worthing 05/03/18
Cloudy, slight breeze 5 degrees.
2 leagues of 5,

Dolphins, Worthing, Southdown, Horsham, Mile Oak.

Penguins, Horsham 2, Worthing 2, Bognor, Lancing
Games 7 minutes each way = 14 minutes.

It was a bit unfortunate that there were 2 game gaps between each appearance,
i.e. 30 minute gap, players looked a bit stiff by the final game.

Nick, Mark N, Chris, Colin A-M, Bill, Justin, Mr Pink.
(Graham sadly had to cry off owing to personal circumstances,
so Mr P drafted in from the Ps).
Congratulations to Colin on his Dolphins debut.

Jobe, Robin, Nige, Danny, John W, Bob, The Deacon, Mark A (Happy Birthday by the way!)

Very sadly the Ds and Ps games were all on at the same time so we couldn’t
watch each other.

Dolphins 4 Worthing 0
This was thought to be our toughest game, Worthing had a strong side out,
was a bit anxious prior to the start.
This was by far the best performance by the Ds, actually 3-0 up by half time,
and their keeper Pete made 2 or 3 very good saves.
Justin came on for Bill in the 2nd half and immediately added a 4th, The Headmaster
preened himself on a brilliant tactical substitution.
Very surprisingly it was very comfortable, though their midfielder Adie was nursing a groin strain
and John up front was coming back from a bout of ‘flu.

Dolphins 1 Horsham 2
Back to earth with a bump!
Mark N was sub, and intentional or not it appeared we were playing with 2 forwards,
therefore light in midfield.
After 31/2 minutes we lost possession on the half way line, the ball was transferred quickly
to our D, then ball neatly tucked in by the right hand post. Mr P got a weak hand to it, but could have done better.
Half-time Mr P off, Nick in goal, Mark on.
The second half was better, but the Ds spurned 2 good chances.
A minute before the end Horsham broke away, the ball took a massive deflection, Mark adding
to his tally at the wrong end (He’s so greedy, Ed).
Right at the end Colin crashed in a consolation, sadly too little too late.
The Ds looked thoughtful as they trudged off. The record against
Horsham is 1 Draw, 2 Losses.

Dolphins 4 Southdown 1
 Bill up front Justin in midfield, Chris sub.
The Ds were soon in front, and normal service seemed to be resumed.
However after 5 minutes Southdown were allowed too much latitude,
unleashed a shot, Mr P palmed it out straight to their forward, got a hand from the floor
to the follow up, but it trickled into the net, could have done better.
Fortunately the Ds hit back almost immediately, 2-1 at the break.
The second half was a bit more of a stroll, Chris on for Nick,
2 more goals, Mr P largely untroubled.

Dolphins 1 Mile Oak 0
Mile Oak were missing Mick, out with a knee injury, so were a bit light up front.
The Ds scored the only goal of the game after 3 minutes. Several chances
went begging, the Mile Oak posts were hit 3 times by Chris, Bill and Colin.
Their keeper Glen made a very brave save with his face to deny a Chris pile-driver,
(probably wished that he hadn’t, Ed).
Mr P was a bystander, at various times seen watching the Penguins game on the other pitch.

Soo, 3 Wins, 1 Loss, 9 points, a winning total, Horsham 2nd with 7.
10 goals for, 3 against.

The goals were pretty evenly distributed between Bill, Justin, Mark, Chris and Colin.
Worryingly for the opposition, The D’s have goalscorers all over the pitch, potentially
a bit frightening.
The passing at times was really sophisticated, and very pleasingly the movement
was such that Mr P had no problems in getting rid of the ball.
 In contrast opposing keepers had real problems given the tight marking,
and 2 goals were scored by goalkeeper throwout interceptions.
Can’t really pick a D’s man of the Tournament, good performances all round,
and Colin made a very good debut.

A collection is underway to send Pirlo off on another Skiing holiday at the beginning of May.

Have to say it was a pleasure to play in this team, many thanks.

Many thanks to Jason, Danielle and Les for their oversight,
+ thanks to all the teams that participated, (good to see Lancing back, + a 2nd Horsham Team).


Mr Pink

Two Left Feet reports on an unusual occurence in the Penguins matches:



The day dawned cloudy and chilly as we trooped off to Worthing with hope in our hearts, but you never walk alone in this game and we had four other teams to face thoughout the morning.

SQUAD:  John D, John W, Bob, Nige, Mark A, Jobe, Danny and Robin

All matches on pitch 2 with Danielle as ref.  7 mins halves

MATCH 1  v Worthing Strikers White  3-3

Team: John D, John W, Bob, Nige, Mark A, Danny  Subs:  Jobe, Robin

Danielle was keen to show Jason that she’s no slouch when it comes to kicking off  on time and got the match underway before anyone could warm up (I hope this was mentioned in the meeting after, as we all need a warm up Ed). Before the Penguins could sort themselves out, Worthing produced a goal out of nowhere.  The next two minutes saw a sustained assault on the Penguins goal, but with John D in fine form and the defence beginning to get to know each other (It’s only taken Bob and John W 60 years. Ed) we managed to withstand the onslaught.  Then in a breakaway move Nigel produced a peach of a pass for Mark to level the scores.  Halftime beckoned and disaster followed. As Danielle blew the whistle for the second half, without ensuring the goalkeepers were ready Worthing scored from the halfway line.  At the time John D was in the process of placing his water bottle at an angle of 87 degrees to the left hand goalpost in a sort of custodian’s version of Feng Shui  when he was surprised to find his dedication resulted in the ball in the back of the net. Protests ensued, but the lady was not for turning and 2-1 soon became 3-1 despite John W hitting the woodwork in the meantime.  At this point our esteemed chairman was heard to utter:  ‘ Well, that’s our chances up in smoke’ .   However Jobe reckoned without the Lazarus-like determination of these Penguins and with Nige and Mark looking like a better double act than Morecombe and Wise, in no time it was 3-3 with Mark the hat-trick hero.  The icing on the cake would have been a fourth goal for our Marks-man, but his excellent effort in the dying seconds was well saved by the Worthing keeper.

MATCH 2  v Horsham Hoofers White  2-0, 

Team: John D, John W, Bob, Nige, Mark A, Jobe  Subs: Danny, Robin

This was the Hoofers B team and they got a warm welcome on debut, but it was all fairly routine. A few skirmishes in midfield and a good save by John D set the match up nicely with Mark turning provider for Nige to slot  a low shot past the Hoofers keeper.  1-0 up at halftime and no changes on either side and so into the second half.  There was plenty of huffing and puffing, but our slender lead never looked threatened and so whilst John D returned to his Feng Shui it was Nige who slipped a pass across the box at about 0 MPH with Jobe nonchalantly adding his third tournament  goal in a week with some alacrity.  Up the chairman!!

MATCH 3 v Lancing Wanderers  2-1 

Team: John D, John W, Bob, Nige, Mark A, Robin  Subs:  Danny, Jobe

As your correspondent was on the pitch, playing in an unusually advanced role, some of the details of this match are quite hazy. with one notable, crystal clear moment.  Lancing rather depend on their No 5 as their playmaker, but if he’s shackled then they are muted, and shackled he was by Bob and John W to good effect.  However they did manage to score one, but Morecombe and Wise were at it again and this time it was the one with the short, fat hairy legs who again provided an assist for Mark to level matters.   Into the second half and Two Left Feet managed to mess up a perfectly decent chance by lamely tapping the ball wide. However that was only a sighter for Robin as a minute later he dashed (at a fast walking pace) onto the edge of the area and had enough time to pick his spot, low and to the left of the keeper after another great pass from Nige. Cue the biggest smile in Sussex, let alone Worthing (He’s still smiling now Ed).  Nige graciously said that he utilised my one ability, pace, knowing I would get to his pass. Thanks, it was a peach!  Nothing happened after this that I can remember apart from Mark receiving two warnings for running. 

MATCH 4 v Bognor 0-1

Team: John D, John W, Bob, Nige, Mark A Danny (Jobe 2nd half)  Subs Jobe, Robin

Two wins and a draw had put the Penguins on the top of the table on a single goal advantage over Worthing Whites, but the Whites pulverised Lancing in the previous match and we knew we had to win by two clear goals to win the Plate.  It was never on, not against our well organised bogey team.  Mark hit the side netting early on and then drilled one over the bar, but after that chances were few and far between. Bobby took a ball in the face and John W tripped over in front of goal and the match was turning into a farce.  Bognor had hardly had a sniff at goal when deep into the second half Bobby took a nose dive and Bognor’s lanky striker won a one on one with John D and scored the only goal of the game which was greeted with loud cheers by the Worthing team. 

End result  Worthing Strikers White won the shield with Penguins runners up.  All games played in the right spirit, some running, but contact very minimal.  

Goals:  Mark 4  Nige 1 Jobe 1 Robin 1 (Nige 6 assists!)


TWO LEFT FEET (one of which scored today)