Fundraising Events

RACE NIGHT Friday 16th February 2018

Moulescoomb Leisure Centre Lounge 6.30 (Bar open from 5.30)

Come and join your fellow club members for a night at the races and your chance to find a few winners and win a few bob. The club will benefit from the evening as will a nominated charity (to be announced) It's easy to join in the fun. Details below:

Owning A Horse

There will be nine video races with eight runners in each race.  For the  first eight races horses will be sold for £2 each so you can 'own' a  horse for that race. If your horse wins you receive £8 in prize money  with £8 going to the club. For the ninth race there will be an auction  for each of the runners with 50% going to the winning owner and 50% to  the club. 


 Betting will be via a Tote pool type of bet. £1 units. You can back more  than one horse in a race for £1 each bet (2 horse costs £2, 3 horses  costs £3 etc).  The club will take a % of the  total pool (% to be  decided) and the remainder will be shared amongst all those backing the  winner each time. All bets win only, no place terms. 

Win a meal for four+wine at a Brighton restaurant

Simply by turning up on the night you will be entered into a  FREE DRAW to win a fabulous meal for four plus a glass of wine each at a Brighton restaurant. 

Raffle prizes wanted

Raffle prizes required for the evening. Please contact your Social Secretary, Robin Adams to make donations. 

Charity Donation

A donation will be made to a local charity from the Race Night. Charity details to be confirmed.